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Cycling Master Plan Survey

Oxford County is gearing up for the development of a county-wide Cycling Master Plan. The plan will build on work already taking place to promote commuting by bicycle, connect roadway cycling routes to off-road trail networks, and enhance tourism opportunities.

The core objectives of the Cycling Master Plan are to:

  • Better connect significant community areas and key destinations through municipal cycling and trail networks that also align with provincial cycling initiatives, such as the province-wide cycling network;
  • Plan for multi-modal connections between cycling and public transit, car pool lots, and passenger rail service, and identify commuter cycling routes to support travel by bike to and from work or other major trips; and,
  • Support education and promote tourism opportunities to create a stronger culture of cycling in Oxford County.

Have your say

We're looking for your input on cycling improvements, route ideas and design preferences. You can give your feedback by:

  • ONLINE SURVEY: Fill out the survey at link) or click on the image below. The survey is open now until the end of day on Friday, August 28, 2020. It includes an online mapping tool that lets you comment on existing routes.
  • EMAIL: Send your comments by email to Teresa Fediw, Project Engineer, Oxford County, link)
  • MAIL: Send your written comments to Teresa Fediw, Project Engineer, Oxford County, 21 Reeve Street, P.O. Box 1614, Woodstock, Ontario, N4S 7Y3
  • PUBLIC INFORMATION SESSION: Stay tuned for details on a fall public information session. Please note we are expecting this to be an online event.

Township Staff